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Freelance Technology Consulting (and more!)

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  • Dedicated to delivering the power and resources of today's technology to you and your business to maximize your personal and professional effectiveness.



We provide full-spectrum assistance with:

  • Technology Consulting
    • Analysis & Planning
    • Selection & Acquisition
    • Development of Custom Solutions
    • Setup & Customization
    • Training, Coaching, & Tutorials
    • Continuing Support
    • Revision & Maintenance
    • Troubleshooting
  • Research and Analysis

across the following areas of expertise:

  • Personal Computing
    • Apple Macintosh systems and servers
    • "Wintel" (Windows/Intel) systems and servers
    • Handheld Computers & Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)
  • Small Office & Home Office (SOHO) Infrastructure
    • E-Business- & Web- Sites
    • Networking
    • Business Systems and services
  • Embedded Systems
  • Our focus is always on solving your problems with effective technology ... from paper to bits!

Contact Info:

•  Email: "contact @ mochau.com" •  Phone: (812) 449-4216 •  Location: Evansville, IN, USA • 

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