About the website...

This is a list of website updates...

Round #14 -- Change of host...

Migrated the site from MobileMe to mochau.com...

Round #13 -- Some long overdue updates... 2

Added media mention, radio spots, Merchant Outlet Mall booth info, etc.

Round #12 -- A HKIWT plug from Mary Biever... 2

Added video from the 11/15/11 Local7 interview of Mary Biever.

Round #11 -- A shameless commercial plug... 2

Added shameless plug regarding Cheryl's Appetizer Cooking Class offered through Groupon.

Round #10 -- Photos from the Schnucks Book Signing...

Added photos from the 12/11/10 book signing at Schnucks (West) in Evansville, IN.

Round #9 -- Added some links...

Added link to HKIWT Facebook page (in the Blog section). Added some photos and better links to Evansville Courier & Press and iamsecond.com in response to a prior media mention in the Happenings section).

Round #8 -- A mention in the Courier & Press...

Added links to Evansville Courier & Press and iamsecond.com in response to a media mention.

Round #7 -- Some long overdue updates...

Caught up with listing some events (and a book review) that happened over the Christmas holiday. Added some additional links to online booksellers. On the design side, we migrated to a new site hosted at Apple's MobileMe with personal domain linking.

Round #6 -- A photo from the B&N Book Signing...

Added a picture from the 12/04/10 book signing at Barnes & Noble in Evansville, IN.

Round #5 -- A wee bit more info on buying books from us...

Added some more details (like pricing, and our contact address and phone) for folks interested in placing a book order from us. We also added the Turning Pointe book signing event to the schedule. On the design side, we tweaked a few items "under the hood".

Round #4 -- A movie, plus a bunch of Happenings...

This update adds a movie of Cheryl's first presentation about HKIWT (in a new Multimedia section), and info on some upcoming book signings.

Round #3 -- Oh, that's a neat feature, gimme one...

This update focused on adding some extra features to the site, along with the start of some future content. (1) Added the start of a Blog, (2) Added a Happenings page (for events), (3) Added a sitemap, (4) Added an updated contact form, (5) Linked to Edwards Images, (6) Added a page counter, and (7) Added this "About the website" section, including a page on the cover photo, and this list.

Round #2 -- We've got books!

Now that we have received a boatload of the new books, we'd like you to order them in mass quantities! (1) Updated the availability of books available from the author using old-fashioned communications techniques, and (2) Added a link to the Amazon.com book page (including our affiliate info).

Round #1 -- The Initial website.

The initial website was created in Karelia Software's Sandvox, and is essentially a repeat of the text from the publisher's website.

A note about minor web updates...

Minor web updates -- typically typo corrections and the like -- do not get a "Round X" entry.

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