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Cheryl Mochau tells the stories of some people spared from certain death, others who weren’t, and of her own “Electric God Moment” that she believes was the presence of the Holy Spirit. 

Marlina Easton has led many people to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. She describes her own healing and how it progressed when she finally sat quietly, listened intently and heard what God had been trying to tell her all along. 
Cheryl Brown Folz was a college student when she traveled to Brazil to share the message of Christ. She was surprised to be so richly rewarded on-the-spot for her obedience. 
Robin Lannert has traveled halfway around the world to share Christ’s message with others. In the process she has gained a whole new family and is further strengthened by God’s grace. 
Vicki Brasel learned that God loves it when His children’s lives are strengthened by the teachings of Jesus and they see how to live a life filled with hope and love! 
Phil Young wears the battle scars of war, but is now more alive than ever! 
Christa Shore recounts God's presence in the gritty details of her husband Mike’s first lung transplant, and the prayers that carried him through it. 
Gary and Peggy Shorter help to shed light on tragedy. In one story they tell of an angel appearing and offering options at the scene of a crash. Peggy shares another story about her brother Jerry who is a walking, talking, breathing example of the power of prayer. 
Cindy McClanahan describes in rich detail how she brought her trouble before God and how He answered her cries for help with grace and humor. 

 Jesus said, “Return home and tell how much God has done for you.” -- LUKE 8:39
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