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Cheryl Really Cooks! Recommended Cutlery

Cheryl has used her Dexter/Russell® Sani-Safe® knives for more than eight years! She feels that they are an excellent value -- about half the price of the more famous German-made knives (you know, the ones that start with "H" and "W") -- and notes that they are precision crafted in the U.S.A. (right here in Massachussetts, in fact).

So why don't you see more of these knives? Well, if you stroll into a well-equipped commercial kitchen, you probably  will  see these knives. But most consumers, including solo personal chefs cannot find Dexter/Russell® knives, because the manufacturer, Russell Harrington Cutlery, concentrates on the commercial market.

Now you can get your own set of high-value, commercial-quality knives from Cheryl Really Cooks! -- your personal chef supply store!

P.S. These Sofgrip™ knives have successfully passed the Mother-in-law test -- Cheryl's mother-in-law (a tough customer to please) "truly loves" the Sofgrip™ handles...

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Description Item Number Price (US$)
RH Logo image CRC! is pleased to carry Russell Harrington Cutlery, America's oldest and largest manufacturer of professional cutlery. Russell Harrington has a long tradition of using outstanding materials and providing excellent workmanship.

All of the following Sofgrip™ knives are hand-ground and hand-honed in stain-free, high carbon steel with soft-to-the-touch, non-slip handle. Sofgrip™ knives are the second generation of the famous Sani-Safe® white handled NSF Certified knives.
SG145-10 image 10" Sofgrip™ Chef's Knife SG145-10 $30.60
SG145-8 image 8" Sofgrip™ Chef's Knife SG145-8 $27.75
SG163-9SC image 9" Sofgrip™ Offset Scalloped Bread Knife SG163-9SC $17.15
SG136N image 6" Sofgrip™ Narrow Boning Knife SG136N $16.65
SG140-12SC image 12" Sofgrip™ Scalloped Roast Slicer SG140-12SC $27.85
SGL156SC image 6" Sofgrip™ Scalloped Utility Knife SGL156SC $12.85
SG104 image 3.25" Sofgrip™ Cook's Paring Knife SG104 $7.20
DDS-12 image 12" Diamond Sharpener

Electroplated microcrystalline industrial diamonds to hone and sharpen.
DDS-12 $33.95
CC1 image 7-piece Cutlery Case (case only!)

Black polyester case with interior pockets/flaps and velcro straps for convenience and safety. 17.5" x 20.5" open, tri-folds to 6.5" x 20.5". Holds up to 7 pieces (maximum length about 17.5").
CC1 $24.75
CC3 image 3-piece Cutlery Case (case only!)

Black polyester case with interior pockets/flaps and velcro straps for convenience and safety. 12.5" x 19" open, tri-folds to 5" x 19". Holds up to 3 pieces (maximum length about 17").
CC3 $15.75
SGCC7 image 7-piece Sofgrip™ Cutlery Set

Includes: SG145-10, SG163-9SC, SG136N, SG140-12SC, SGL156SC, SG104, DDS-12, and CC1.
SGCC7 $177.00
Gift image Looking for a gift?

CRC! features the Sofgrip™ line of professional cutlery for use by Personal Chefs (or for very busy amateur chefs). However, if you are looking for a more  elegant  line of cutlery we would be happy to help you select from Russell Harrington's other offerings, such as the Connoisseur®, Dexter®, or Green River® lines of traditional wood-handled cutlery. Just contact us for more info...

Note: All prices subject to change without notice; not responsible for typographical errors.

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