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Low Fat Cooking Class:
(a.k.a. "Cooking Smart the Low Fat Way!" and "Low-Fat Cooking the Smart Way")
Women's Health Center of the North Shore
1 Hutchinson Drive, Danvers, MA 01923
Phone (978) 777-1070 or (800) 966-2690
Mondays: September 27 - November 8, 1999.
Six sessions held from 6:30 - 8:00 PM (Note: no class Monday October 11,1999).
Please call the Women's Health Center at (978) 777-1070 or (800) 966-2690.
Description: This course provides low fat cooking information, discussion, demonstrations, exercises, and tips designed to provide you with the tools to make a healthy-lifestyle change to a lower fat diet.
(subject to change)
Week One: A Matter of Choices & Alternatives -- Low fat foods can be delicious!
           Class Demonstration: Golden Arches or Pearly Gates? Low fat fries.
Week Two: Grandma's Food May Be Killing You! -- Revising family recipes.
           Class Exercise: Heart Healthy Soup.
Week Three: Plan for Success -- Key Strategies for low fat and for life!
           Class Exercise: Cooks in the Kitchen - Chicken in a Packet, 4 different ways!
Week Four: What's For Dinner? The secret is in the details.
           Class Exercise: Bake Fat Free Brownies.
Week Five: Tweak the Plan - Plan to Eat! -- Developing menus.
           Class Exercise: Meatless Isn't Just Twigs & Berries! Soy, Grains & Garnishes.
Week Six: Fantastic Flavors or Frustrating Flops? Ironing out problems.
           Class Exercise: Pasta - Sweet & Savory.