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Professional Speaking:

Photo of Cheryl Mochau
— Heathy Cooking Expert —
— Grocery Shopper par Excellence —
— Motivational Speaker —

Personal Chef Cheryl Mochau is the owner of Cheryl Really Cooks!, a personal chef service based in Evansville, Indiana, and the author of the low fat cookbook "A Personal Chef Cooks."

Nearly twenty years of professional cooking and literally thousands of grocery store shopping trips -- sometimes as many as ten a week -- have uniquely qualified Cheryl to discuss a variety of food-related topics.

Cheryl's style is fast-paced, entertaining, humorous, and -- of course -- informative. Plus, not only will your group get the relevant information they need, they'll also get an often missing ingredient: the ever-so-important application advice they crave -- the how and when to apply that knowledge effectively.

You too can benefit from Cheryl's expertise -- just contact Cheryl to schedule a presentation for your organization right away.

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