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Professional Speaking Audiences and Roles for Cheryl Mochau:

Who should book Cheryl for a speaking engagement?*
Conference and Seminar Planners should consider Cheryl for participation in their events as a Keynote Speaker, as a presenter for their General and Breakout Sessions and Workshops, and as a panel member for their Conference Panels.

Even events that aren't food and health related can utilize Cheryl for Spouse and Partner Programs, or simply to include a entertaining and beneficial "Change of Pace" Program in their event schedule.
Food Product and Service Companies should consider capitalizing on Cheryl's personal chef background and extensive shopping expertise by using Cheryl as a Spokesperson for their products or services in their Commercials or Infomercials.
Grocers (and other Retail Owners and Managers) should bring Cheryl aboard as an Educator for their Employee Training or even for their customers in an in-house Public Demonstration.
Members of the Media may wish to use Cheryl to appear on Television or Radio Shows or in Newspapers or Magazines for Expert Commentary.
Lawyers may wish to utilize Cheryl as an Expert Witness.
Retreat Planners should consider Cheryl for participation in their events as a Retreat Speaker, a Workshop Leader or Facilitator, or as a participant for their Roundtable Discussions.
Finally, Everyone — okay, maybe just those English-speaking people who eat food! — should consider Cheryl for the expertise she brings if you need Food Consulting, Food Coaching, Food Education, Food Training, or Food Advice.
* Select audiences link to downloadable PDF one-sheets (if available).

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