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Professional Speaking Testimonials for Cheryl Mochau:
"Cheryl was a huge hit! The physicians and practice managers who attended the Food As Medicine seminar were excited to see that healthy cooking didn't have to take a long time and tasted great. Thank you so much for coming; our customers are looking forward to the next presentation."
S.L., Event Organizer, PSS River Cities
"Ms. Mochau designed and taught two cooking courses at the Women's Health Center in 1998 and 1999. She was always creative in her presentation of healthy, low-fat alternatives to traditional meal preparation. I am happy to have known Ms. Mochau and to have the good fortune to have taken one of her courses. She is energetic, enthusiastic, professional and loves what she does."
L.M., Coordinator, Educational Programs, North Shore Medical Center: Women's Center
"Her presentation was just what the nurses needed to hear and experience... I would recommend Cheryl Mochau for future presentations."
E.W., Staff Development Leader, Deaconess Hospital
"Cheryl, Thank you for the time spent preparing and presenting the information at our April meeting. Your programs have been the best we've ever had! As educators we understand the effort it requires to prepare, so we all appreciate what you do. We wish you continued success. B.K., Alpha Delta Kappa
"Your information was both practical [and informative]. Our participants found your information and style of delivery very helpful."
"By providing samples you gave participants the opportunity to try these products first hand. ... continue sharing your informative talks..."
G.M., Resource Center Coordinator, Deaconess Resource Center
"Cheryl is an excellent instructor — both knowledgeable and personable."
J.B., Student, Women's Health Center of the North Shore
"It was fun learning about foods I'd never tasted before."
Nurse, Deaconess Hospital
"Everyone enjoyed watching the recipes being made, asking questions, and, of course, taste-testing."
K.T., President, Evansville Newcomers Club
"Your class was a fun way to learn about low-fat cooking and it helped me gain confidence in the kitchen."
A.M., Student, Women's Health Center of the North Shore
"I liked the casual, friendly atmosphere and of course the food! You showed us that we can have fun making healthy food!"
K.T., Student, Healthy Cooking Class
"Excellent presenter, very qualified."
Nurse, Deaconess Hospital
"Cheryl Mochau was excellent!"
N.N., Nurse, Deaconess Hospital

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