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Cookbooks By Cheryl Mochau

Cover of Cheryl Mochau's first cookbook TITLE: A Personal Chef Cooks

SUBTITLE: Recipes from a Decade of Lower Fat Cooking

ISBN: 1-4033-2953-2

FORMAT: Trade Paperback
(6"x9", approx. 150 pages)

PUBLISHER: 1stBooks Library
(Bloomington, IN, USA)

RELEASED: February, 2003

PRICE: $15.50 (USD)

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About the Book:

This cookbook has come about from more than a decade of cooking fat reduced meals for my clients. As a personal chef, I have had the pleasure of preparing health-restoring foods for people with a variety of dietary concerns, especially helping clients achieve a lower fat lifestyle by reducing their daily fat intake. Along the way, the most common request by far was to re-create favorite comfort foods that were lower in fat than the originals -- but still tasty!

Whether your tastes range from chicken to chocolate, there are slimmed down new favorites waiting for you in this collection of one hundred recipes. Fill pita pockets with the South of the Border Salmon Filling or surprise a wheat-intolerant friend with Wheat Free Coffee Cake. Enjoy your old favorite, Chicken Divan, slimmed down in fat, but not in taste, and remember to share the Lemon Tarts that will have you wondering why we ever put butter in them in the first place. This collection is just what you need for fun favorites without all the fat.

Many of the ideas for these recipes have come from my clients' favorite family memories, cookbooks, and magazines, or from memorable restaurant dishes that have been described in great detail. As I captured and tested each recipe, I reflected on the many people who have enjoyed them in the past. Few things delight me more than remembering their smiling faces recounting enjoyable dinner scenes.

My husband, Geoff, has faithfully tasted every single dish and has been instrumental in helping this collection take shape. I am grateful to him and to all who have helped to make this book possible.

About the Author:

Cheryl Young Mochau began her professional food career with a national hotel chain in 1985. Six years -- and many covers -- later she decided to strike out on her own as a personal chef in West Hartford, Connecticut.

"The 90's were a great time to cook for individuals and families. People seemed to really enjoy the latest food trends and to this day the low fat food revolution is still reflected in my cooking," says Cheryl.

The art of using lower fat cooking techniques predominates Cheryl's cooking for her personal chef clients, her cooking classes and even her consulting sessions with aspiring personal chefs.

In this her first book, A Personal Chef Cooks: Recipes from a Decade of Lower Fat Cooking, Cheryl shares the tastes and joys of one hundred recipes that have brought pleasure to dozens of client families over the years.

Cheryl now lives and operates her personal chef service, Cheryl Really Cooks! (online at:, in southwestern Indiana.

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