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Personal Chef Cooking Service:
Cheryl Really Cooks! is a Personal Chef cooking service. That means that Cheryl will:
  • Plan your menu (with your help, of course).
  • Do the grocery shopping.
  • Prepare your food (at your home).
  • Wrap and store your food.
  • Tidy your kitchen (but only as clean as it started!).
  • Leave a suggested menu for next time.
Basically, Cheryl does the "cooking" part, you do the "eating" part...

So whether you lack the time, skills, or inclination to cook, you still have a healthy and tasty alternative to take-out food or to eating out -- plus an opportunity to get back to those "old-fashioned" (and all-important) family mealtimes!

Cheryl specializes in low-fat diets, and can accommodate special diets, such as Gluten-Free, Zone, diabetic, and other diets.

Cheryl provides this Personal Chef cooking service to customers located in and around the "Tri-State" area of Evansville, Indiana...

Please contact Cheryl to become a CRC! client.