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New! image Recent WTVW Local7 Lifestyles TV appearances New! image
(hosted by Laura Kirtley)

Cheryl has had a cooking segment on the Lifestyles show (which airs every weekday from 8-9 AM) since July of 2012. Initially appearing every other Thursday, she has slowed down to appearances every 4 weeks. Her segments usually start around between 8:40-8:45 AM and close out the show...

Here's Cheryl's 2010 "Demo Reel",
which includes some 2009 - 2010 presentations...

Here are some QuickTime videos from a few 2007 - 2008 presentations...
Panoramic shot while Cheryl discusses using limes (excerpt from Champion Labs' Cooking Show)

Cheryl gives some tips on avocado selection (excerpt from Champion Labs' Cooking Show)

Cheryl responds to an orange juice question (excerpt from Champion Labs' Health Fair)

Cheryl discusses knives (excerpt from PSS River City presentation)